Open floor plans create a spacious, airy feeling that appeals to many of today’s homeowners.  However, without traditional borders, the living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms often bleed into one another, resulting in an undefined sprawl.  A beautiful and effective solution to this problem is the incorporation of well-placed architectural columns.  Correctly used, columns delineate the rooms without disrupting the original architectural intentions.



In this home, fluted columns with Greek Erectheum capitals have been used to separate the living room (unseen), a center hall, and the dining room, providing a more contemporary living arrangement in a traditional setting.



On this Martha Stewart project, a wall was removed, and fluted columns with denticulated Roman Doric capitals and Attic (Ionic) bases were added to expand the space.



Here, two sets of Tuscan columns separate the casual living room, a stair landing, and the kitchen, providing visual access to all spaces while still creating a sense of borders.


438_Reduced.jpgFaux-finished wood columns and pilasters with custom plinths, Attic bases, and Empire with Necking capitals delineate the grand entrance from the formal living area.



Octagonal columns and pilasters with Attic bases and denticulated Roman Doric capitals create an open hallway between living areas.



Fluted denticulated Roman Doric columns on custom pedestals demarcate the entrance into different rooms.



Columns and pilasters with Attic bases and denticulated Roman Doric capitals provide a perfect, subtle delineation between an entrance hall and the (unseen) living room.



Greek Doric columns, with Doric flutes separate the stairway and the foyer.


Chadsworth Featured on TLC’s Popular TV Show, “Moving Up”

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS are featured on The Learning Channel’s Moving Up, a new series hosted by Doug Wilson where three families are guided through the process of a major move.

Premiering in January 2005, the 15-part series follows a chain of new homeowners who move into one another’s homes and begin the design and renovation process that occurs during the first six months of adjusting to their new home.  There are many decisions to make and numerous design choices and renovations to implement.  Taste is testing in Moving Up and host Doug Wilson is there to invoke fond memories and humorous observations.  Each episode is rerun on TLC throughout the year.

Viewers will follow both the buyers and sellers as they move into, renovate and redecorate their new homes.  They will visit the homeowners every few weeks to see how the renovations are going.  A few months after the move, they will see how the families have decorated their new houses, and then Doug takes the previous owners back to see the changes made to their old homes.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, producers of Moving Up asked Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS to participate in several episodes of the show.  Chadsworth PolyStone® Columns were used in two episodes of Moving Up, this year.  “We are happy to participate, as well as educate, people about our columns,” says Jeffrey L. Davis, Founder of Chadsworth Incorporated.

You can see Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS in two episodes of Moving Up. 

From Floral Fetish to Field of Dreams.  On the New Jersey Shore, floral embellishment and bland beige decor give way to whimsical femininity.  Doug Wilson mediates when homeowners return to their old house and critique what the new owners have done to their home.

And in Harlem Hardware Headache, a young couple is moving to Harlem, but the apartment they’re buying is too masculine for their taste.  The current owner is attached to his sleek bachelor pad with columns at the entrance, which hold special significance for him.


Chadsworth’s New Mt. Vernon Column Debuts in “Walls & Ceilings” — Toolbox

Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s  ‘ Toolbox,’ which features the latest products to hit the market, spotlighted Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS’ new Mt. Vernon Column in the April issue.


Part of the PolyStone Premier Custom Collection, the Mt. Vernon, which was named after George Washington’s home on the Potomac, exudes beauty and simplicity.


When George Washington renovated his beloved plantation in 1759, he added a stunning 2-story piazza overlooking the Potomac River.  Today’s Mt. Vernon Column affords the same beauty and functionality, giving your home a traditional design element that will last a lifetime.


“The PolyStone Premier Custom Collection offers you endless design possibilities, and they are made to last a lifetime,” says Jeffrey L. Davis — Founder of Chadsworth Incorporated. 

Chadsworth is Featured in “Home Magazine’s” Ultimate Insiders Guide

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS are featured in the February issue of Home Magazine. The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Unique and Hard to Find Home Goods and Services is an annual list of sometimes off-the-beaten-path but always outstanding home-related products and shops.  

Listed under Alternative Building Materials, Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS PolyStone™ Columns topped the list.  By merging classical styling with modern materials like lightweight spun-fiberglass and low-maintenance PVC, Chadsworth has produced a collection of stock and custom columns that will withstand the test of time.

Chadsworth’s PolyStone™ columns are made of reinforced polyester resin, fiberglass and marble dust, and feature an architectural taper and a classical bead.  The Tuscan capitals and bases are made from the same materials as the shafts.


No stranger to the readers of Home, Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS PolyStone™ Column was the recipient of Home Magazine’s 2001 American Building Products Award.  “The PolyStone™ Composite Column was chosen because its design so clearly responds to the demands for form and function required by today’s lifestyles,” said then Editor Gale Steves.  “The PolyStone™ Column is a classic idea with a twist.”


“Architects, builders, designers, and homeowners tell us that our PolyStone™ Column is an excellent product, and is the only choice when extra strength and durability are needed on the job, and we’re glad that Home Magazine agreed,” says Jeffrey L. Davis — Founder of Chadsworth Incorporated.


Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS PolyStone™ Premier Custom Collection was chosen as on of ‘The Readers Choice of Top 100 Design Build/Build Products, in the November/December issue of Design Build Business


 “Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS Polystone™ Premier Custom Collection load-bearing columns work indoors or out.  The columns are fire and impact resistant with sharp, crisp detail. The capitals and bases are made of the same tough material as the shafts,” say the editors.


Design Build Business is a leading resource for architects, designers, builders and contractors who design and build upper-end custom homes, along with luxury production housing for residential and light commercial projects.  In this issue, the editors list the products that readers of Design Build Business found to be the best.


“The PolyStone™ Premier Custom Collection offers you endless design possibilities, and we are glad that the readers of Design Build Business recognize the value of our product,” says Jeffrey L. Davis — Founder of Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS.