Chadsworth’s New Mt. Vernon Column Debuts in “Walls & Ceilings” — Toolbox

Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s  ‘ Toolbox,’ which features the latest products to hit the market, spotlighted Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS’ new Mt. Vernon Column in the April issue.


Part of the PolyStone Premier Custom Collection, the Mt. Vernon, which was named after George Washington’s home on the Potomac, exudes beauty and simplicity.


When George Washington renovated his beloved plantation in 1759, he added a stunning 2-story piazza overlooking the Potomac River.  Today’s Mt. Vernon Column affords the same beauty and functionality, giving your home a traditional design element that will last a lifetime.


“The PolyStone Premier Custom Collection offers you endless design possibilities, and they are made to last a lifetime,” says Jeffrey L. Davis — Founder of Chadsworth Incorporated.