Chadsworth Featured on TLC’s Popular TV Show, “Moving Up”

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS are featured on The Learning Channel’s Moving Up, a new series hosted by Doug Wilson where three families are guided through the process of a major move.

Premiering in January 2005, the 15-part series follows a chain of new homeowners who move into one another’s homes and begin the design and renovation process that occurs during the first six months of adjusting to their new home.  There are many decisions to make and numerous design choices and renovations to implement.  Taste is testing in Moving Up and host Doug Wilson is there to invoke fond memories and humorous observations.  Each episode is rerun on TLC throughout the year.

Viewers will follow both the buyers and sellers as they move into, renovate and redecorate their new homes.  They will visit the homeowners every few weeks to see how the renovations are going.  A few months after the move, they will see how the families have decorated their new houses, and then Doug takes the previous owners back to see the changes made to their old homes.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, producers of Moving Up asked Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS to participate in several episodes of the show.  Chadsworth PolyStone® Columns were used in two episodes of Moving Up, this year.  “We are happy to participate, as well as educate, people about our columns,” says Jeffrey L. Davis, Founder of Chadsworth Incorporated.

You can see Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS in two episodes of Moving Up. 

From Floral Fetish to Field of Dreams.  On the New Jersey Shore, floral embellishment and bland beige decor give way to whimsical femininity.  Doug Wilson mediates when homeowners return to their old house and critique what the new owners have done to their home.

And in Harlem Hardware Headache, a young couple is moving to Harlem, but the apartment they’re buying is too masculine for their taste.  The current owner is attached to his sleek bachelor pad with columns at the entrance, which hold special significance for him.


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