Before & After Project | Chadsworth Columns

Before and After Project
Original Post: by Fivecat Studio
Some Current Work
We have several interesting projects developing at Fivecat Studio,
so I thought I would start sharing some of them with you.
We’ve been working with a couple in Chappaqua, for several
years now, developing a master plan for their home on King Street.
The house was originally built by the Ginsberg family in the late
1920’s.  Mr. Ginsberg owned much of the land along what is

now Rt. 120.
The King Street House project, which I have shared previously,
was built for one of Mr. Ginsberg’s sons and the home we are
currently working on (photos below) was built for the other son.
The first phase of the master plan is to add a new entry porch,
replace the roof, restore the wood trim and refinish the existing
stucco.  This phase is just about complete, so here are some
before and after photos.

Chadsworth Columns Before Photograph Chadsworth Columns | Before Photo - King Street House
(actually it’s not yet complete, as you can see by the scaffolding still hanging from the rear wall)
Chadsworth Columns | After Photographs | Porch Columns Porch Columns | Chadsworth Columns | Square 14" Composite Columns
The new porch includes a mahogany roof deck accessed from the
master bedroom, 14″ composite columns from Chadsworth and a
limestone landing & steps.  The diamond detail in the limestone
refers to the existing marble tile floor in the entry foyer.

As we complete the remaining phases, I will post more photos.
I will also begin sharing some of our other work. [abridged]


2 thoughts on “Before & After Project | Chadsworth Columns

  1. Hi Mr. LePage –

    It’s our pleasure to share your work. We are intrigued to see how our columns can assist in revamping a project without losing the orignial, classic, architectural value to a home or building. We’d love to share any other photographs you may have (for this project and others) on our range of social media outlets – like Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest – and, of course, our blog. Feel free to e-mail us at if this is something that you may be interested in, and we would be happy to do so. Thank you very much for your kind words about Chadsworth! We enjoyed seeing your work!

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