Chadsworth Provides Columns for the Beauvoir Playhouse

Provides Columns for the
Designed for the Beauvoir School’s Annual Auction
The Beauvoir School is a private elementary school – located
in Washington, D.C. – that was founded in 1933 on the basis of
implementing a diverse educational atmosphere
for primary level students.
Every spring, an auction is hosted by the Beauvoir’s Parents
Association to raise money for the Beauvoir Scholarship Fund

which provides financial aid to students for their tuition costs.
And Chadsworth’s 1-800-COLUMNS is proud to have provided
the Greek Doric columns for the Beauvoir Playhouse, which will
be displayed in front of the school for a month before the auction.


Column Style:       Doric Order (Greek) – Fluted
Column Size:        10″ > 8-1/2″ x 5′-0″
Column Material:  Paint-grade finger jointed Cedar


Franck & Lohsen |
CarrMichael Construction |


Beauvoir Playhouse |

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