Chadsworth’s New Mount Vernon Column Debuts in Walls & Ceilings – “Toolbox”

Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s “Tool Box” which features the latest new products to hit the market, spotlighted Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS new Mt. Vernon Column in the April Issue.  Part of the company’s PolyStone® Premier custom Collection, the Mt. Vernon, which was named for Washington’s home on the Potomac, exudes beauty and simplicity.
When George Washington renovated his beloved plantation in 1759, he added a stunning 2-story piazza overlooking the Potomac River. Today’s Mt. Vernon Column affords the same beauty and functionality, giving your house a traditional design element that will last a lifetime.
“The PolyStone® Premier Custom Collection offers you endless design possibilities,” says Jeffrey L. Davis, Founder and Principal Designer of Chadsworth 1.800.COLUMNS, “and of course being PolyStone®, are made to last a lifetime”.  For more information, call 1.800.COLUMNS (1.800.265.8667), or visit our web site at


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