The Charlotte Observer Focuses on Chadsworth Columns as “Pillars of Southern Charm”

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS, and Jeffrey L. Davis, the Founder and Principal Designer of the company, were featured in an article, “Pillars of Southern Charm” in the Charlotte Observer’s Home Section on Saturday, May 14, 2005. This edition of the Home Section clearly highlighted the use of columns in home building today. The article stated that, “Both builders and home buyers have been swept up by the nostalgia for a long ago small town life and the architectural detail that goes with it.”
Builders have learned that columns sell houses. Today, during an unprecedented burst of building in the South, columns are going up everywhere. Experts say that most of us do not see individual columns, but react to them as important elements in the overall scene or streetscape. Simply put, columns make us feel good.  “Columns serve to remind us of a more civil time, they bring back Southern charm and gentility,” says Davis, “a time when families spent time together and enjoyed life.”
New construction has followed the national trend of New Urbanism, in which builders recreate an old-fashioned streetscape, complete with double-stacked porches and town squares, on tracts of suburban land. Traditional houses that feature deep porches and tall windows like those in Charleston or Savannah make you feel like you are living with a bit of history.
The Observer’s Home Section provided information for the reader regarding the correct components that make up a column, as well as shared with them how columns can be used in houses today. Readers were referred to the Chadsworth’s web site for further information,

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