Indianapolis Monthly Magazine’s 2003 Dream Home Features Chadsworth’s Columns

WILMINGTON, N.C., August 26, 2003R.J. Klein and Associates, Inc., architect and builder of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine’s 2003 DREAM HOME selected Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS PolyStone® Columns to be used on the interior and exterior of this year’s fabulous Dream Home.

R.J. Klein has been designing and building fine homes in Indianapolis since 1969, and is known for his creative designs as well as the beautiful moldings and millwork in the homes he builds.  “He creates homes that will be the historic residences of the future,” says interior designer Debra J. Smith.

The entrance hall introduces many details that repeat throughout the home.  Simple white Tuscan columns similar to those outside the home feature prominently in the entrance hall and continue into the great room, the kitchen, the screened porch, portico and pavilion.  The living space is the epitome of sophisticated design for people who prefer classic lines but casual living.  With the traffic pattern of the house, it’s easy to accommodate gatherings for more than 50 people.  The Tuscan columns divide the room without detracting from its openness.

One Hundred and one Tuscan PolyStone® columns were used on the house, whose exterior is reminiscent of homes seen in Nantucket, with shaker shingles, Tuscan columns and pristine white trim. The Dream Home’s public spaces, including the great room, kitchen and dining room, pay homage to the era of grand family homes when large rooms satisfied both the formal and informal living needs of the homeowners.

The Dream House benefits the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana, and has raised more than $500,000 for the group.  Over 65,000 visitors are expected to tour the home while it is open to the public.


Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS — Corporate Background



Company Overview


Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of architectural columns for home and commercial use.  Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Historic Wilmington, North Carolina, Chadsworth is a privately held corporation with 20 employees.  The company was selected by readers of Professional Builder magazine as the most requested columns in the industry.  (Number 1 for 3 consecutive years.)

Chadsworth produces columns, representing all five orders of classical architecture.  They are made in wood, fiberglass and polyester resin.   Decorative capitals are also produced to complete the classic look.  The company has sold more than one million units to date.

Chadsworth sells directly to the consumer, eliminating the cost increase and lack of product knowledge so often experienced with retail outlets.  Chadsworth Columns have been shipped all over the United States, as well as, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C., and Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, are just two of a the prestigious clientele that rely on Chadsworth’s outstanding quality, design and expertise.

Chadsworth’s popularity with the building industry can be attributed to the quality and accessibility of their products.  Consumers can simply dial 1.800.COLUMNS to reach an expert sales consultant.  Their knowledgeable staff is available to help you through the entire buying process from sending free literature to answering the client’s most technical questions, to the final purchase.

The company’s basic strategy is to provide superior and affordable columns to every customer, whether it is the architect, the designer, or the homeowner.  The selection of available designs insures each consumer a perfect column for their project, while advances in the speed and quality of production continue to accommodate the most demanding deadline.

Company History

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS has been a powerful asset to the building industry since Jeffrey L. Davis founded the company in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1987.   The corporation expanded to Goldsboro, North Carolina, in 1988.  Rapid international growth prompted the opening of an office in London, England, in 1993.  Their corporate headquarters moved to Historic Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1995.  Production facilities are strategically located throughout the United States with the main factories in Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio.

Chadsworth has successfully developed a diverse product line that caters to the individual needs of the customer.  Many different materials and styles are available to accommodate the variety of personal and geographical demands.  This approach allows consumers to choose the product designed to meet their specific needs.