How to Install a Wall Niche

INSTALLATION VIDEO:  Decorative Wall Niches

A video guide from This Old House



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Chadsworth’s 1.800.Columns Featured in Do! Magazine

Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS were featured in the December Issue of Do! Magazine. Do! is a popular magazine read by the ever growing “do it yourself” market. They wanted to show their readers how to correctly install columns on both the interiorand exterior of a house, and they asked Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS for some help. Even though Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS are the columns most specified by builders, architects, and designers, and their customers are usually not people who “do it themselves” they gamely stepped in to show how you could ‘do it yourself’, if you wanted to.  


The folks at Chadsworth gave step-by-step installation instructions that were clear andconcise, as well as told readers what they should have on hand, and what they should dobefore starting the installation. They gave Do! photographs to illustrate each step as well.And, they followed through with important installation notes that will save thehomeowner time and trouble in the long run.“We don’t often get to ask a large company with Chadsworth’s reputation to lend us ahand, but when we ask, they responded with good solid advice”, says Editor, AmberJones, “and we really appreciated their comments—it’s what makes Do! Magazine work.”