Adding Character with Architectural Details, a New Book from Better Homes & Gardens

ADDING CHARACTER with Architectural Details, A New Book from Better Homes & Gardens (Meredith Press) is a book you should pick up if you are interested in what architectural elements can do for your home. Whatever the size, shape, or color of your home, it must have character. And this book tells you how to get it!
A house with character is unique, reflecting its surroundings, history, and the personality of those who live there. Character can be incorporated into any house of any age; it just requires careful attention to detail. Elements that add character imbue a house with a sense of permanence, quality and comfort.
Beautiful moldings, wainscoting and graceful columns are elements that make a house a more inviting and satisfying place. Such details are simple to add, and with high quality craftsmanship and materials, you can give any home grace, presence and style.
“We wanted to stress the Classical Orders in our book,” says editor Paula Marshall, which is why I contacted Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS. Their columns are known for their quality, craftsmanship and design, and they have set the standard in the industry today.”
ADDING CHARACTER with Architectural Details gives the reader wonderful ideas and great examples of each architectural element, and takes you step-by-step through the process of deciding what to add to your home to give it character.

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