Pergolas – Reminiscent of the Past

PERGOLA [pur-guh-luh]

For centuries, people have searched for systems of shade and hideouts from heat. The answer? Pergolas.

Elegantly adorned with climbing vines and fruit-bearing plants, the ancient pergolas quickly became the new architectural must-have.

Our depiction of the modern pergola is very similar, yet extremely different, than ancient pergola applications. Wait . . . similar and different? Blasphemy! A Pergolic Paradox.’

In fact, though, this is not a Trellis Travesty distorted by time.

The similarity: pergolas now, and then, could be seen in a garden and a gardens garden, too. What about entryways to the main house? Yes.  And backyard porticos? Absolutely. They were utilized to entertain guests and celebrate special occasions. Pergolas provided shade while also incorporating architectural beauty. Not all pergolas, though, were strictly for sun protection. Some were decorative  Fountain Pergolas, Poolside Pergolas, or simply a Free-standing pergola.

The difference: the most obvious, yet most rational variation among ancient and modern pergolas is material type. Today, we see aluminum components  rafters, beams, purlins, columns. Even with wooden pergolas, the design consists more so of intricately shaped columns or posts rather than tree logs. Yes, advancement of technology is the culprit. Imagine the ancient Egyptians hooking up a surround sound system within their hieroglyphically garnished outdoor pergola? I know what song youre thinking, too.

Pergolas are resurfacing. When the warm season rolls around, will your garden or backyard area be shaded?

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