Balusters & Balustrades: Familiar Elements of Classical Architecture

Over the years, Chadsworth has been recognized as providing builders, architects, & homeowners with architecturally correct columns – hence the name, Chadsworth Columns.

Two decades and four years have witnessed many changes for Chadsworth, including the recent expansion of product lines.  Although the company name is in no hurry to adjust its name, Chadsworth is proud to offer Architectural Balusters & Balustrade Systems — for residential & commercial projects!  Standard balusters & Stair balusters.  PolyStone®, Classic Stone, and Polyurethane (no not Polyurestone . . ).

Chadsworth invites you to browse the baluster collections, recommend or utilize . . . learn and share . . . and of course own and enjoy.

If you already have balustrade designs, drawings, specifications, or pictures – feel free to email to one of our Balustrade consultants at

And you can always call 1.800.486.2118

All the best,

– The Column Guy




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