Chadsworth Provides Columns for New Fisher Houses

First Lady, Michelle Obama assisted in the ribbon-cutting ceremony which marked the opening of three new Fisher Houses at the National Navy Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on December 2, 2010. These houses join two other houses at the Bethesda Medical Campus, and will lodge more than 60 families that have loved ones at nearby medical centers.

Ninety (90) of Chadsworths columns garnish the exteriors of the three Fisher Houses, combined. Made of both Western Red Cedar & Poplar Wood, the column sizes range from 10 x 8  18 x 20 and showcase the pure, architecturally correct taper that was established by Vignola.

With the addition of these three houses, the Fisher House Foundation is now up to 53 homes that span the country and service over 130 thousand families. The importance of these homes is emphasized when Michelle Obama is quoted as saying, when our men and women in Uniform are called to serve, their families serve too. Their sacrifice is their familys sacrifice as well.

Chadsworth is both proud and humbled to assist in the creation of such a dedicated cause for all those who serve our country  and their families.

Architect: Carl Zarrello

To contribute to the Fisher House cause, you can make a donation here —

To read more about the Fisher Houses across the country, you can visit the Fisher House Foundations web site at


And to see a few photos of the Fisher Houses, please visit



All the best,

The Column Guy


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