Chadsworth’s 1.800.Columns Seen at The Ocean Club on MSNBC TV’s Travel In Style.


Travel in Style, the popular television show from Entertainment Productions, recently featured the Ocean Club on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Once the private home, of Huntington Hartford, heir to the A&P fortune, The Ocean Club is now a world class hotel and spa.  The Ocean Club has the elegance and charm of a West Indies Plantation—replete with Colonial Architectural and beautiful gardens. It is a perfect example of British Colonial understatement.


Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS Plain Authentic Replication Columns with Tuscan Capitals were used throughout The Ocean Club, when it was recently remodeled.  The columns maintain the ‘classical feel’ that is so important in preserving the ambiance of the property. Columns are a classical architectural element that blends perfectly with any décor.  “We were pleased to be a part of the renovation and restoration of this beautiful old property,” says Jeffrey L. Davis, Founder and Principal Designer of Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS, “it was gratifying to see our columns on the Ocean Club, and to see the difference they made.”

casino-royaleocean-club-2 ocean-club-3 ocean-club-4 ocean-club-6




COLUMN DESIGN:  Authentic Replication Wood.  Plain, round, tapered column shaft.  Tuscan capitals and Tuscan base moldings / plinths.

COLUMN MATERIAL:  Exterior Redwood

COLUMN SIZE:  16″ x 10′

PROJECT LOCATION:  Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island)

PROJECT COMMENTS:  Chadsworth provided the exterior Tuscan wood columns for the luxurious private resort, The One & Only Ocean Club, in Nassau, Bahamas.  The plinths are vented to allow cylindrical airflow to go up and down the column shaft, which will help preserve the wood columns for a longer period of time.  Our columns can be seen in several movies – most noticeably in the James Bond Movie, Casino Royale.


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