Historical Concepts’ Jim Strickland Selects Chadsworth Columns as “Architects’ Choice” in Residential Architect Magazine

Residential Architect Magazine is known for producing quality monthly issues, and their online counterpart, www.residentialarchitect.com, is equally esteemed.  Once a year, Residential Architect systematically selects first-rate architects to be spotlighted in the section, Architects’ Choice.  This highly anticipated article, featured in the July/August issue, is comprised of architects who produce superior work and have a commitment to exploring new materials and products.  They offer their insight on the industry’s top-level products and the companies which produce them.


Award-winning architect, James L. Strickland, President & Founder of Historical Concepts (www.historicalconcepts.com) emphasizes the value and excellence of Chadsworth’s products.  It seems that success has a tendency to follow Mr. Strickland, as he and his company were the recipient of the 2010 Arthur Ross Award for the Architecture category.  A superior architect knows superior products, and that is why Chadsworth is grateful to Mr. Strickland for his recognition of Chadsworth’s products.

“When columns are done right, nothing expresses the interrelationship between function, form, and beauty more elegantly,” Strickland says. Chadsworth, he adds, understands the correct cannons of proportion.



Historical Concepts
Jim Strickland Peachtree City, Ga.