Allotted on 650 acres of sweeping Georgia countryside, the newly constructed BabyLand General Hospital is the latest “birthplace” for the world-renowned Cabbage Patch Kids®.  Xavier Roberts, Cabbage Patch creator and Georgia native, envisioned a new structure that would foster quality family time along with providing business for the local community.


Inside this hospital estate, the culmination of a “Fathers’ Waiting Room,” maternity wards, and even a room containing a sonogram machine used for “Mother Cabbage” allows a fantasy world to transform into reality.  Equally eye-grasping is the hospital’s exterior components.  The front entrance showcases four massive, round 36” x 24’ Fiberwound columns with Tuscan capitals and bases.  The hospital’s architectural elegance does not stop at the front entrance, though.  In fact, throughout BabyLand General Hospital an additional 63 columns can be seen – including within the 20,000 square feet wrap-around porch.  A variety of column sizes contributes to BabyLand’s Southern architectural charm.  Included within, among, and around the hospital are:


—  16″ x 12′ PolyStone® columns with Tuscan capitals & bases

—  20″ x 12′ Fiberwound columns with Tuscan capitals & bases

—  24″ x 14′ Fiberwound columns with Tuscan capitals & bases


The little world of Xavier Roberts’ classic creations complemented with magnificent columns offers a chance to experience both an interior daydream and an exterior, architectural paradise.