Chadsworth Columns Used for the Louise S. McGehee School for Girls

2344 St. Charles Avenue — New Orleans, Louisiana


Architect: Jahncke Architects Inc.

Contractor: Crane Builders of New Orleans



“Restoration: the process of returning, as nearly as possible, an existing building to its condition at a particular time in history.  The work may include removing later additions, making hidden repairs and replacing missing details.”                 — Bruce Eggler


The Louise S. McGehee School for Girls was established in 1912.  Almost a century later, Crane Builders, through the direction of Jahncke Architects, was set to the task of restoring the columns on the front of this beautiful historic masterpiece.  Chadsworth was selected to replicate the orginal columns on the structure– columns which would not only pass rigid historical guidelines, but in a synthetic material that would endure many more centuries to come.


Using a filament-wound process, Chadsworth fabricated 18 columns for the school.  10 Ionic (Roman) columns with fluted (Ionic) shafts and Ionic (attic) bases and 8 Corinthian (Roman) columns with fluted (Ionic) shafts with Ionic (attic) bases – all approximately 14″ tapering to 12″ x 14′.


This project was honored by the New Orleans Historic District Commission with an award in restoration.




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