Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival Magazine Feature Chadsworth Columns

Featured in the Fall 2006 Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival Magazine







A LEITMOTIF OF ARTS AND CRAFTS INTERIORS:  the adaptable, architectural colonnade.  Old ones are being stripped and refinished, new ones built in revival homes.  Several column and millwork manufacturers, in fact, have introduced tapered pillars and colonnades as stock designs, such as Chadsworth’s “Bungalow Column” in paint-ready plain or paneled styles []  ?  Room-dividing colonnades usually appear in mirror-image pairs, the two sides often surmounted by a beam or arch.  Pillars may be set atop a pedestal wall knee- to chest-high, perhaps incorporating built-in bookcases, glass-fronted china cupboards, or a bench seat.  Both round columns and square pillars appear in period millwork catalogues; colonnades of oak or chestnut were clear-finished.  Painted colonnades, too, were in evidence and are particularly popular in the revival.  Those shown below were designed by Moore Architects [(703) 837-0080,] in Arlington, Virginia, as part of a radical remodeling in an interpretive Craftsman style.       – P.POORE




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