Chadsworth Leads The Way Again — Professional Builder Magazine

When builders across the country were asked by Professional Builder magazine what columns they use, the answer, once again, was Chadsworth’s 1.800.COLUMNS.


Chadsworth has been the number one choice of Professional Builder, since columns were added to the Brand Use Study In a market where name brand and stock columns can be found at any lumber yard, Chadsworth has stepped in and captured the professional builder market, because they know quality when they see it.


According to the study, 27.3% of all respondents use Chadsworth Columns for their projects, moving Chadsworth up from 15.2% in the 1995 study Chadsworth Columns has broad regional appeal: 32.8% builders in the North- Central region use Chadsworth; 30% in the Northeast; 24.1% in the South; and 16.7% in the West.


Chadsworth Columns are used in a broad range of construction: 33.1% in custom-luxury home construction; 32.3% in remodeling; 28% in single-family homes; and 21.9% in multifamily dwellings.


Builders today want to work with a company they can rely on for quality, good value, dependable service and outstanding workmanship. Chadsworth has the ability to meet the needs of the marketplace with both high-end custom columns and their more moderately priced mass-produced columns.


“We have always been well known for manufacturing the finest wooden and stone columns in America,” says Jeff Davis, owner, “and in the last few years, we have started mass producing better quality low-cost columns called PolyStone[TM].” PolyStone[TM] is the name to remember when you need columns to last a lifetime.


“PolyStone[TM] is unlike any other column on the market today,” explains Davis, “with no visual seams, ease of installation and a lifetime guarantee, it simply has no equal.”


CHADSWORTH’S 1.800.COLUMNS are the no. 1 choice of builders in America today!


Chadsworth takes pride in being very “customer oriented.” They work with builders and architects to solve any problems that may exist, to enhance the product and to make the job easier. Builders know they can depend on Chadsworth.


Chadsworth will soon ship their products to job sites on their own trucks. This will allow Chadsworth to meet exact delivery dates and times, and let the builder choose when the columns should arrive. They try to make the builder’s job easier!


Dealing with builders, architects and homeowners directly sets Chadsworth apart from the competition. When you call 1.800.COLUMNS, their sales consultant will “walk you through” the process of ordering the right column for your specific job.


Another plus is that you are assigned your own sales consultant. That means when you call with questions, you will speak to the same person all the time. They know your job and are able to give you the personalized quality service that you expect from Chadsworth. They are experts, and will gladly help you with any questions you may have. Davis believes that having an excellent staff of professionals makes the builder’s job easier. You can call toll-free anytime!


Chadsworth’s goal is to maintain its brand leadership and to be known as the company to call for all your column needs. In the columns market, you previously had a very limited choice as far as style, materials, and quality of columns. Today you have a greater variety of columns to fit any job need. Chadsworth works with the builder from initial inquiry, to choice of column, to final installation, because they want your client to be happy with a job well done!


Professional Builders like to do business with people they can trust.


The owner and company founder, Jeff Davis, is a member of the prestigious Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture at New York University. He is very much a classicist, and promotes the use of columns to many different venues.


In fact, if you are traveling to the southeast and find that you will be in Wilmington, N.C., you are invited to visit the Chadsworth Columns Gallery at 277 N. Front St., in the Historic District. Jeff Davis set up the Gallery for the express purpose of displaying columns just as an art gallery would display art. Since his desk is at the front of the gallery, people stop in all the time and ask questions. They are charmed when they find that they are speaking to the CEO in person. It is Jeff’s Southern charm and true niceness that have helped him succeed in the business.


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